Introducing NaviTex!

NaviTex: Repair Services and Refurbished car Sat Nav systems | Audio Amplifiers.

Living in the era of technology, where people either care or not about E-Waste recycling, we are trying to combine them by satisfying the consumer demand, offering our Repair Services for Sat Nav systems | Audio Amplifiers and where | when we can to avoid throwing them faulty Sat Nav’s or Amplifiers in the bin by doing our best to get them working and offer them as Refurbished parts.

When it comes to Repair Services, we go one step further using professional tools and our knowledge to properly diagnose and repair or give a “non repairable” verdict when is the case. Many believe that repairing means just re’flashing the software or checking a fuse on these parts, because that is what many other repairers would do before giving a “non repairable” verdict. At NaviTex on the other hand we approach each repair job differently. If 2 Sat Nav systems are same and are developing what it looks like being the same fault it doesn’t mean both will need the same approach and repair.

Reading logs on a faulty Sat Nav and understanding them | desoldering and soldering components back | microsoldering and reballing | reading, editing and programming IC’s when needed | etc.. is what we do at NaviTex!

Some reballed IC chips by NaviTex.


What we are specialised in:

For easier understanding of what Repair Services we specialised in and we offer, here’s a list:


  • Bentley Continental MK2 Navigation System repairs and Standard or Premium Naim Audio Amplifier repairs.
  • Bentley Mulsanne 2009-2018 MMI Navigation System repairs.
  • Bentley Bentayga Discover Pro Navigation system repairs.


  • Mostly all MMI systems from Audi cars between 2011-2019 -> RMC | MMI3GP | Harman Discover Pro Mib1 and Mib2.


  • All Sat Nav systems from Vw cars between 2008-2019 -> RNS510 | RNS810 | RNS850 | Discover Media Mib2 | Mib2 PQ | Discover Pro Mib1 and Mib2.


  • PCM3.1 | PCM4 from all Porsche car models -> Cayenne | Macan | 911 | Panamera | Cayman.


  • All Sat Nav systems from Skoda cars between 2008-2019 -> RNS510 | Discover Media Mib2 | Mib2 PQ | Discover Pro Mib1 and Mib2.


  • All Sat Nav systems from Seat cars between 2008-2019 -> RNS510 | Discover Media Mib2 | Mib2 PQ | Discover Pro Mib2.


  • All MMI Navigation Systems from Lamborghini Aventador | Urus | Huracan.

What to expect from us as a customer.

Along being reliable and professional on what we do, we know how important is for you as a customer to get the right advice and be offered the best solution when it comes to either a Repair Service for your car Sat Nav | Audio Amplifier or a Refurbished part.

It is as important to us and that’s why we offer:

– Warranty

“Quality repairs and assured warranty require quality parts and genuine softwares!”

CD's with Genuine Bentley Softwares used by NaviTex.

Genuine Bentley Softwares

We trust our work and we assure you that only genuine parts and softwares are used on our Repair Services | Refurbished parts. This allow us to offer warranty periods to make our Repair Services worth and put your mind at ease.

– Fast Turnaround

We manage a Fast Turnaround not because we rush on our work but because our stock of genuine parts allows us to do it.

Example: we receive your VW Transporter T6 PQ Sat Nav to replace the touch screen as it’s faulty (btw, a proper way on how this specific job should be done will be posted on “Our Blog” soon), we keep your faulty display and put one of our genuine displays with a brand new touch screen on your unit, therefore we can ship your unit back same day we receive it. Then when we reach 10 displays with faulty touch screens we repair them and get them ready for the next 10 units coming in with the same fault.

Looking forward.

Hope we covered what we planned on this post, we are looking forward to post more in the future (when the time allows us) things like “Dos and Don’ts” and probably some informative stuff for the community.

Also looking forward to give you (our “potential” customer) advice if needed and offer you the best in terms of Sat Nav Repairs and Refurbished parts.


Navitex - Professional Sat Nav Repair Services
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Between 2nd August 2024 - 2nd September 2024, online bookings for repair services will be unavailable due to relocation process.
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