NaviTex Repairs

Repair Service Skoda Columbus RNS510 Sat Nav 3T0035680 | 3T0035686


You are Not buying a Skoda Columbus RNS510 Sat Nav unit, this listing is for Postal Repair Service for Skoda Columbus RNS510 Sat Nav units. Pictures used on this listing are for illustration purposes only.

Repair Service Skoda Columbus RNS510

6 Months Warranty!

Faults covered in the price for repair are:

  • Unit stuck on bootloop – keeps rebooting after showing Skoda logo.
  • Unit shows Nav location in Germany.
  • Unit reboots and makes a popping sound in the speakers.
  • Unit reboots randomly.
  • Unit stuck in German language.
  • Units shows SWL message on startup.
  • Unit stuck on white screen or blank screen.


Part Numbers of Units: 3T0035680 A B C etc | 3T0035686 A B C etc |

Included with each repair carried out:

  • Latest Software and Maps Update
  • Security Pin Code retrieval
  • Speed Cameras
  • Video in Motion activation

If your part number is not listed above please Contact Us before buying the repair service.

Drop off and collections for this Repair Service are welcomed. Please select “collect in person” at checkout.

If you have any unanswered questions please read our FAQ page or Contact Us.

  • This Repair Service comes with 6 Months Warranty on the work we carry out (Except for units that had previous attempted repairs by others).
  • Warranty will only cover the Same Fault we carried the repair for. If your Sat Nav develops a different fault after repair either by itself or due to improper use or fitment then it will NOT be covered under our Repair Service Warranty!
  • Warranty will be Voided if our Warranty Security Seals are tampered with!

Step 1.

Buy the Repair Service.

Step 2.

Print the order confirmation you receive after the purchase.

Step 3.

Carefully pack your unit including the printed Order Confirmation in the package.

Step 4.

Ship it to NaviTex using our address shown on the Order Confirmation.

Step 5.

We repair it when it gets to us, test it, send you a video on Whatsapp to make sure you’re happy with the repair (If you provide us with your phone number) then ship it back to you.

  • Turnaround time for this repair is 1-2 days.
  • Please note that “Turnaround Time” refers to the time your navigation system will stay with us for repair and test, it doesn’t include shipping time!
  • At NaviTex we have a Very High Success Rate on repairing these Skoda Columbus RNS510 Sat Nav units!
  • Unless someone else attempted to repair your Sat Nav before then it should be repairable.
  • If any under circumstance it is a “Non Repair” you’ll be refunded in Full except the shipping cost which will cover shipping the unit back to you.